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Normale Version: Pandora Gifts for Birthday
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This would look nice with these two Pandora Love Charms Clearance Sale coming out – they’re not limited edition,but the Dazzling Wishes looks absolutely stunning. If you look closely, the enamel plate at the back is all-over glitter, and with the sparkling CZ explosion set over the top of it, I’m sure it will be so striking in person.

I don’t usually get too excited for the engraved Pandora Heart Charms Clearance Sale, but I think these are nicely done – I know that we can’t see the detailing in all its glory yet, but the detailed enamel portraits work rather well. They’ll certainly look great when complemented by the core Pandora Disney range or by other dramatic decorative beads, as Disney have done in their styling. They picked fab Disney villains to showcase, but I confess that I came to Nightmare before Christmas very late – I tried to watch it last year but I just couldn’t get into it!

The Ana is pretty but not my Pandora Disney Charms Clearance Sale. I’d have to say the rapunzel is my favorite. Fortunately I found a local Jewelers that sells pandora and most people here in my town go to the pandora concept store in the mall. I called them and they had about five rapunzel muranos in stock but full priced of course. But im hoping to snag one before they are gone.