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JLG scissor lift tires

SMT solid tyre manufacture produce and supply professionally the solid cured-on tire for JLG scissor lift.

1, Wide range of solid aerial lift tyres & solid boom lift tires are available.
2, Specially designed aerial work platforms such as booms, scissor lift and so on.
3, 100% Flat proof with high damage resistance with 3 to 3 times the life of equivalent.
4, Deep tread with abrasion resistant compound.
5, Low profile section for stable ride.
6, Supplied as ready to fit tyre & wheel assemblies.
7, Highly cost effective when compared with foam filled tyres/ Pneumatic tires.
8, Also available with a wheels exchange program.

Patten No. S-329
Patten No. S-328
Patten No. S-325Patten No. S-321
Applicable machine like:

Solid Tyre For Scissor Lift manufacturers