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What FIFA 17 position change cards do? - Guides

One of the most important factors in fifa coins team chemistry is if players are playing in their preferred positions or not. Although they could play in any position, the team’s chemistry and the individual chemistry are strengthened if they are placed in the position printed on their cards or, at least, in a similar position. You can learn more about this subject here.

As it is not always possible to make these positions match, there are position cards that help you to solve this fifa 17 coins problem. These cards are equivalent to training to adapt players to a new position on the field.

The position cards allow you to change the preferred position of a player to the one that is printed on the card. For each card that you use, you can change a single player’s position only once. Using several cards, you can change the player’s position as many times as you want. Before applying a position card to a player to fix his position on the field, make sure that he already doesn’t have maximum individual chemistry. If he does, you don’t have to buy fifa coins apply the position card

However, it is necessary to have in mind that the position’s cards contain information about the old and the new position. If a player’s favourite position doesn’t match with the old position printed on the card, we cannot apply that card to him. It means, for example that you will never fifa coins ps4 transform a right back into a right winger.

Each position card can only be applied to a player and the effect lasts until you apply a new position card on him. Sometimes, you need to apply several position cards to get the position you want. For example: to transform a CAM into a ST, you need to apply a CAM-CF card and then a CF-ST card. with full stock of best FIFA Ultimate Team Coins and FIFA Points Account online, you can buy fifa 17 coins and FIFA 16 Coins on PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PC, IOS and Android mobile transfer market. Fastest delivery, cheapest price and best service for FUT Coins and FIFA 17 Points accounts!
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