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Bio: ☆Our History
Yiwu AnnaBelle cosmetics company was founded in 2008,which is one of a collection of technology development.Production sales and professional hairdressing productive enterprises.the main production of various grades about makeup brush,cosmetics pencil,hair accessories and etc.Our company rely on advanced production research and development.strict internal management and perfect quality system.Provide guests with market competitiveness products.Our company established the hair-base in the beautiful hometown of anji in 2012.More increased enterprise product production chain.greatly reduce the production cost.Improve the product quality products - all products conformity with the quality standards for the EU.
We always follow the “integrity,pragmatic in novation”enterprise spirit to inspired “ember”member continuously forge ahead.We are sincerel looking forward to cooperate with friends from all over the world.
☆Our Factory
Our factory is located in Anji,Zhengjiang Province ,Covers an area of 800 square meters,more than 100 Long term skilled workers, Introduction of the most advanced technology and equipment from abroad,Committed to building a world class modern factory
☆Our Product
Makeup brushes. Beauty sponge. And cosmetic tools.
☆Product Application
Beauty makeup Tools, Close to facial skin.
☆Our Certificate
☆Our service
1. The buyer received the goods, Within 60 days time to check for defects if damaged, damaged or defective products, please contact with the relevant personnel and consultation.
2.If the product defects or damage was due to misuse, accident, installation and application of unfair, lack of proper maintenance and wear, the division accepts returns.
3.Other manufacturers of products in our procurement, were in the range of our responsibilities.China Cleaning Egg Brush

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