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China Granular Iron Oxide Red manufacturers - privatebarler - 09.07.2019 03:33 AM

Granular Iron oxide red pigments are made of pigments and selected additives through special process. Due to the granular series iron oxide pigments have low dust, it has a certain mechanical strength to ensure that they are not easily broken in packaging, transportation and delivery, so that no dust is produced in operation, or the dust produced can be reduced to the minimum. Reduce pollution and improve the operating environment.
Name: Granular Iron Oxide Red
Chemical Name: Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigment
CAS No.:1309-37-1
Color Index: Pigment Red 101(77491)
Appearance: Granular
Color: Red
Grade standard:Industry Grade

Content: 92-97%
Moisture ≤%:1.0
Water Soluble Salts ≤%:2.5
Oil Absorption: 15-25
Color Difference vs Standard ≤%:1.2
Tinting Strength %:95-105

Primary Application
· Bricks
· Blocks
· Pavers
· Roof Tiles
· Floors
· Walks
· Driveways
· Precast
· Poured in place concrete construction

Manufacturer Information:
Brand Name:RONGBO
Experience:Over 40 years for iron oxide pigments.
Company type:Manufacturer of iron oxide pigments.
We export the iron oxide pigments to all over the world.
We are happy to do our best to our customers.

Packaging & Shipping
We can make 25kgs iron drums, fibre drums, cartons, woven bags and paper bags.
Our shipping delivery time is 10-30days normally.
Port: China port China Granular Iron Oxide Red manufacturers