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Industrial Scouring Pad - astao281 - 15.04.2020 03:38 AM

Maroon Hand Pads Nylon are extremely conformable and are an excellent alternative to steel wool. These non woven abrasive hand pads are non-rusting and non-loading, and are excellent with solvents. They provide a uniform, clean finish.
More Information:
Grade: Fine
Color: Maroon
Type: Hand Pads
Hand Pads - Maroon Hand Pads Nylon
Maroon - All Purpose - recommended for removing rust and corrosion and general surface cleaning and preparation applications.
Our Advantage:
1. The coating on the surface of materials such as metals and wood, such as medium and primer, enhances the adhesion between the coatings after treatment, thus effectively extending the life of the coating
2. It can provide exterior decorative lines on the surface of a variety of materials, such as the treatment of stainless steel surface decorative lines, and the modification of archaize copper
3. Polishing, derusting, cleaning, can thoroughly remove various materials surface rust, dirt, and oxide skin and other attachments. It is widely used in weld cleaning, mechanical maintenance and cleaning
4. Can effectively prevent overcutting and scratch the surface of workpiece.Industrial Scouring Pad