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LIFE LIKE ADULT DOLLS REAL SILICONE DOLL – ROU 165CM - lovedolljp - 22.10.2018 01:24 PM

[Bild: DSVC.jpg]
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5.4ft (165cm) high, 70lbs (32kg) ,
Oral: mouth 5.1in (13cm) deep,
Vaginal: 6.7in (17cm) deep,
Anal: 6.7in (17cm) deep
K-Cup (30C) bra size
Stainless Steel Skeleton
Height: 5.4ft (165cm)
Weight: 70lbs (32kg)
Bust: 43.5in (110.5cm)
Waist: 21.5in (53cm)
Hips: 30in (77cm)
Foot: 8.3in (21cm)