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Wholesale plantation shutters
12.06.2020, 03:37 AM
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Wholesale plantation shutters
Hence within this period of time, Yang Qi has been being designing the calculator technique of this style of light son that is rated as super black science and technology.He continuously puts forward a new design to conceive outline, then oneself negates himself/herself and immediately after puts forth new viewpoint again.Then he finally got one mature of only son calculator project plantation shutters, immediately after he transfers this light son calculator method into science and technology to push to play system and lets science and technology push to play system to carry on pushing to play.
The result pushes to play at this in discovered a few small problems, the Yan flew to continue to improve, then was again carry on pushing to play and finally appeared a perfect light son calculator manufacturing technique.Push to play pushing of system to play in science and technology under, this set light son calculator will become having a history the most perfect of one set calculator computer.
Solved the hardware problem of light son calculator, for letting this set light the son calculator can attain the best movement status, Yang Qi's beginning carries on the preparation of software.For reaching this purpose, he even wrote a computer operate system to come out.
The common computer system completely writes through a code to complete, for example famous windows 10, its code fully has 70,000,000 of many, is experienced successively by several ten thousand experienced procedure good hands to write for few years but become of, be rated as mankind to weave the toppest masterpiece in distance history.So want to write a set of computer operate system of integrity to come out, not only need to throw in a great deal of manpower, material resources and financial power, but also need a great deal of time.
This computer system even if write, can be accepted one thing still by the market, so re- writing a risk of operate system is very strong.BE exactly in consideration of this reason, everyone just has never consumed to take a lot of time to re- write a new computer system and cause the computer operate systems of great majority in the whole world being all monopolized by the rice country science and technology company with energy.They want ~only not happy, the computer of the whole world will greatly go on strike.
Yang Qi's design is that the calculator of all new light son calculator, movement principle and common is totally different, so the operation procedure of windows system already can not prop up this set light the sub- computer circulate.And the windows system is the system of rice the people, the inside may conceal numerous intention to murders, Yang Qi doesn't dare to trust the operate system of using the other people as well.
Aim at this most realistic circumstance Wholesale plantation shutters, Yang Qi is simply the language starting all over again, re- designing a set of all new calculator to come out.This be previous Yang Qi's behavior builds whale and super pit to give or get an electric shock to stand to write of, take Chinese language as to weave the calculator language of distance foundation, Yang Qi nameds after its Chinese language speech.
The Chinese language speech wasn't only writing the use Chinese characters of procedure language, be concretely inside checked a method to also all come a greatly get stripe, creating of Yang Qi's make out of nothing an all new calculation method.If the logic method with never learned man language, and master in very much to the Chinese language, basically can not comprehend this kind of all new Chinese language speech.
The c that uses with windows system++the language compare, Yang Qi Chinese language speech more of refinement and simple and direct, it takes up a space resources less, consume energy less, and circulate speed sooner.This Chinese language speech is Yang Qi's masterpiece, after pushing to play system to really settle after science and technology, it has already appeared in science and technology treetop and becomes a count for much branch of calculator language.
Made use of to lend support to a Zhi brain to analyze all system operations are in the world procedure behind, Yang Qi has already controled all plait distances method, so just can break a new path of create a Chinese language speech.Then his Bo adopt many long, and plus the most important innovation, write a set of be applicable to light son calculator of the operate system come out.
The operate system that this Chinese language speech writes very Jian Lian, however even if is so, its code also fully has to fully have many 50,000,000 lines.If the personnel who depends on Yang Qi's laboratory knocks these codes with the keyboard and needs to cost a decade above time at least.
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21.08.2020, 06:49 AM
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RE: Wholesale plantation shutters
Thank you for another great article. The place else may anybody get that type of info in such an ideal method of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m at the search for such information.

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