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plantation shutters
23.06.2020, 02:59 AM
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plantation shutters
And had no moxa Zi virus and cancer cell of the disease after, these terminal disease sufferer nature also completely recovered.Just because often year slight illness for trampling upon body, it makes their body a bit weak and looks to still keep having some problems.But since the cause of disease in the body has been already got rid of, so as long as in next time in add enough nourishment, their body the meeting thoroughly resume health.
Face this result, these experts all dare not believe their own researches.However they is still very happy to this of, after all these two kinds of terminal diseases can really be cured of, the mankind are also many a way out.After asking for the sufferer's approval, they tidy up sufferer's data that they record well, and announce to go out, let the owner all know this news.
At these well-known experts personally under the witness, the terminal disease hospital can cure of the news of terminal disease drive rapid spread.Hence the whole world was very quick and then knewed, from now on, is the moxa Zi a disease still a cancer no matter, all can not threaten the mankind's life any further.Certainly, this premise is that the sufferer is good to arrive terminal disease of the medical treatment of hospital.
According to the good public praise of dreamlike science and technology, consumer to the news that dreamlike science and technology declares still unlike compare trust.But these two kinds of terminal diseases tormented mankind for many years and captured a great deal of mankind's life, so everyone dares not believes these two kinds of terminal diseases to be truely and thoroughly cured of, so everyone still has some doubts to the terminal disease hospital this time.However wait until an expert to announce a concrete treatment data, and prove after these two kinds of terminal diseases be really overrun by the mankind, everyone just believes deeply to doubt not to the treatment ability of the terminal disease hospital.
To the common run of people, although the treatment expenses of terminal disease hospital is very high, to this technical emergence still hold aggressive attitude of, after all many an opportunity to live a life.But to some persons who have ulterior motives, they to technical viewpoints in the terminal disease hospital completely different.Started spreading some voices for querying there from the rice country, they thought the clinical observation of this medical science had no rice the country's well-known doctor took part in, so completely from China expert get the conclusion of basically could not believed, then severely request dreamlike island to allow international top especially the well-known doctor of rice country also got into a terminal disease hospital to observe, let they to prove the technique real strenght of terminal disease hospital.
And other nations also start being different from of the voice spread, these people think that the method that cure terminal disease matters to the whole mankind's life and death alive or dead, so the dreamlike island can not control alone, have to be possessed this technique together by the whole mankind to public technique in the whole world.The person who still has thinks that the terminal disease hospital should announce this technique is on science publication, from Luo shell Er the judge committee of the prize carry on a judge to this technique, if this technique is true, so this technical developer 100 will acquire a Luo the shell Er medical science prize, in addition to acquiring a huge sum of cash award can also acquire personal huge honor.
These irritating to the ear miscellaneous sounds didn't put the mind that flies in the Yan too much, because of aught, these people the purpose finally still want to acquire can the technique of treatment two kinds of terminal diseases, acquire a huge economic benefits thus.Yan's flying basically doesn't want to take to manage them, because he controls this technique, and the oneself real strenght is strong, as long as he doesn't loosen these people to have no way to him.
Besides after those China experts proved the technique real strenght of terminal disease hospital, the persons of the whole world all have already believed the ability of terminal disease hospital, basically don't need rice country and Luo shell Er the approval of the prize.For example the Yan flies now very busy, he wants to be busy and a great deal of of nation carry on a negotiation, the purpose is to let these nation get into the friendly cooperation catalogue of dreamlike island.
After the terminal disease hospital truely makes a show of real strenght, those originally and the dreamlike island carried on a negotiation of the nation starts accelerating from whet the Ceng and requested to speed negotiation progress and fought for to reach agreement by quickest speed, got into the friendly cooperation catalogue of dreamlike island and made the oneself local terminal disease sufferer able to go to dreamlike island terminal disease hospital to carry on a medical treatment so much.
Hence the Yan flies also speed and these sincerity the very full nation carry on a negotiation and promise in the other party the product of dreamlike science and technology can at these nation normal sale, and after acquiring the commitment that can't aim at a dreamlike islander member intentionally, dreamlike island with quickest speed with these nation signed agreement, let these nation get into own of the amity cooperate catalogue in.
Pass and these nation sign of agreement, make the product of dreamlike island acquire and get into the opportunity of these national markets smoothly, and these nation of the terminal disease sufferer also got to a dreamlike island to carry on the opportunity of the terminal disease treatment, both parties were mutual benefit win-win situations.
Just in the process of negotiating in, the only obstacle is the standard that cures expenses, however under the persistence that Yan fly, their treatment expenses the standard finally still settled down.Inside scope in the whole world, only having China the person's treatment expenses is lowest, 5,000,000 rbs.But other nation of treatment expenses very Gao, minimal of all above 10,000,000 rbs, tallestly even come to a 50,000,000 rbs, this in the center of the huge difference in amount develop according to each national economy level of different but draw up respectively.
The standard of this terminal disease treatment is very high, but can not dust back the rich of these national inner parts.Only this part of rich, be truely decide these nation outward the operation of policy.These nation as long as ensure the benefits of local rich is all right, as for common of poor people, who will take care of their living.
When these national local rich be got into treatment opportunity in the terminal disease hospital, the insularity of dreamlike island neighborhood and Ao big benefit duck, add Na greatly but very sad urge.Because they previous set the reason that set up to unite a fleet to aim at a dreamlike island intentionally, make them thoroughly give offense to a dreamlike island.Although the dreamlike island passed them and also allowed their local terminal disease sufferer to go to terminal disease hospital to carry on a medical treatment plantation shutters,cured expenses but came to a terrible USD 50,000,000 and far and far outran the price of other nations.
But these nation of the terminal disease sufferer also has no way, can grind teeth persistence and compare other national more money to sufferer to come to terminal disease hospital to carry on a treatment on the flower.In their in the mind, not only fly the Yan of dreamlike island to hate up, return rice country this real of the cause hate to the bone.
These three sets set up to unite a fleet of nation although pay a huge price,got the opportunity of medical treatment, is led by Li Jia Po of force-out dreamlike science and technology reduce weight a biscuit first of national but very sad urge, because dreamlike island basically at enmity with they send the negotiation representative of to carry on talks, but is direct to expel these nation to cooperate catalogue in the amity outside, make their national sufferer not come a terminal disease hospital to carry on a medical treatment.
Aim at the Yan flies of cold blood, the medium of these nation fly into and go a rebuke to the Yan in succession and feel that he is an executioner, if the person of these nation can not be saved and cure dying, Yan's flying is the biggest convict.Then the network appeared in the world a fly the treatment that the inner part talks like the Yan, it is said that the Yan flies while discussing that these national sufferers can not get a medical treatment and once opened a fun and said these rich person why not emigrant?Want ~only their choice emigrant, join other those nations that get into dreamlike amity in the island cooperation catalogue, can get a treatment.But the dreamlike island can't admit dual nationality, as long as still have these the nationality of nation, the dreamlike island can't carry on any medical treatment for these people.
At the fly to make a speech sayings like the Yan of remind under, the rich terminal disease sufferer of those nation immediately carries on an emigrant suddenly realize and obtain these nation of nationality.At the same time for passing dreamlike island of examine, they still deregistered original nations and transfered all of own wealths to dreamlike amity in the island to cooperate a catalogue nation medium.
Come all of a sudden of get to the root of the matter, the nation that will be led by Li Jia Po a while fell into a crisis.For protecting a life, their local billionaire starts a large-scale emigrant, because capital of quickly outflow, make these nation of the economy appear various predicament of each kind, however they have no way arrestment these leaving of the rich, can witness his/her own nation to continue go under the crack-up. Wholesale plantation shutters
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