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MU legend Glossary of Gamer Key phrases For Test
16.10.2017, 11:24 AM
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Photo MU legend Glossary of Gamer Key phrases For Test
Alpha Test
The alpha test consists on the initial client which enables us to appear at all elements with the game at an early stage. Nevertheless, it commonly comes with numerous bugs, mismatched translations and more. Place basically, it really is the initial delivery with the client from our developers where they upload the database to our servers and enable access towards the game. This becoming the incredibly initially test, it's to be anticipated that there will likely be a lot of translation issues, bugs, missing animations and more. This atmosphere aids us recognize what we must correct prior to the public gets its very first glimpse in the game. Usually, this phase is only offered for external/internal QA helpers, the localization QA group and game publishing specialists. All these people operate for the identical publisher/development business.

Closed Beta Test
The closed beta test (aka CBT) will be the very first version out there for the public, in which you are able to play the game and appreciate its mechanics, dynamics and engine. Through this phase, customers with an account and a CBT essential is going to be in a position to play. These keys have to be obtained by means of giveaways or other media (for example FB pages or through e-mail). Ordinarily, a CBT lasts for about 1 or 2 weeks. After that period, the game is closed to absolutely everyone, as well as the publisher/developers analyze the difficulties seasoned by players and right any errors. They might decide to extend the testing period, if issues are encountered that have to have to be fixed with higher value. You will find ordinarily up to 2 or 3 CBTs just before an OBT. Immediately after these periods, all data must be wiped ahead of the OBT or official release.

Pressure Test
The anxiety test can be a QA method that attempts to "break" the server. In other words, it really is an intensive period of testing that makes it possible for the publisher/developers to know the capability and limits from the server and game. The server is saturated with as lots of players as possible, positioned within the exact same location and carrying out the same items. This test permits attainable future concerns to be identified and corrected prior to they happen. These sorts of tests are often accessible for 1 day only, for the duration of particular hours. All users who have an account needs to be able to take part in the stress test. After this period, all information must be wiped before the OBT or official release.

Open Beta Test
The open beta test (aka OBT) is a soft launch with the game. This means that it is possible to play the game and knowledge almost everything it'll have to present for the duration of its official release, which includes the money shop and auction houses. You don't have to have a essential to participate, just a user account, and none of one's game information will likely be deleted for the official release. The key objectives listed below are to test the final create of the game, iron out any minor concerns and introduce the cash system.

Official Release
The official release (aka Reside) will be the final stage; the game is now 100% released. At this stage, the focus is mainly on boosting communication in the press/on the unique social media platforms and producing discussion in regards to the game. As soon as the game has been officially released, the subsequent step for the publisher/developers would be to entertain the neighborhood with updates, events, tournaments and much more.

Finally, Mu Legend will soon be released, where, Mu2zen will be prepared enough Mu Legend Zen, so that players more real experience to Mu Legend of passion!
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15.01.2020, 02:34 PM
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RE: MU legend Glossary of Gamer Key phrases For Test
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