15.O reaction

Dear citizen,
There is an evident gap in the world.
You can imagine well what we are talking about.

We have allowed, one by one, during the last years, all the necessary steps to make this gap even bigger.
We are all different people, with different ideas, different activities in ifferent countries, who live in different cultures, who have different opinions and interests.
But we are talking about a matter of human dignity, where unfortunately we have failed.
And we keep on failing.
This gap is increasing, with no benefits for any of us in this. We have forgotten the spirit of involving our passions and ideas in what we trust. We have let a few take control of everything and step aside and let them rule alone, for themselves.
We think “it’s too late”. But it is not.

Our political systems have been changing in their hands. It’s not hard for us to think that they are doing business with our countries, their nature, their richness and their people.
And we resign ourselves everyday, more and more. A few have convinced most of us that this is “how it works” and there is nothing we can do.

Probably as many of you, we have values and we have a dignity.

And these are not being represented by our political servants, our governments.
They are capitalizing our values, enslaving our work, playing with our future as people and nation for comfort and benefits for just a few.
We find no real representation of what we trust and we are not allowed to submit alternatives.
They care about the big financial institutions, groups and companies.
And they are loosing control on their activities.
We refuse them to continue leading our lives. Others have already reacted and, even when it’s not being easy for them, they are respecting their beliefs.

We call to a reaction.
We can either stand strong and execute our power as citizens or step aside and organize new alternatives while not taking part of this big joke.
There is always an alternative. As citizens, we have the power to block and change our governments when their measures are irresponsible.

Our values are different according to our different cultures, but we find a common base to express them.

We cannot agree with the policies of our governments that, in general, pay attention to:
· Support big companies and financial groups in the search for their benefit, sacrificing the social and cultural values and avoiding any ethical behavior.
· The future consequent collapse of the economical system, based in the exploitation of natural resources and not in their maintenance.
· The decision making system, based in economic interests even with disastrous consequences to citizens. How can I trust someone who prefers to make 1 million for creating 1 poor person?

A government like this doesn’t represent us!

We are here to bring a new alternative model by claiming respect to the citizens and the imposition of right moral and ethical values as main principle for the different governmental policies.

We need to go back to a healthy and sustainable model of life.

It is NOT a matter of political ideas, religion or philosophy.
It’s a matter of how much we care about our future and the future of the planet.

Source: 15.O International Mobilization: #globaldemocracy


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