„Occupy Love“ – Der Occupy-Film

occupy_love“We  live in a time of record-breaking crisis. But it’s also a time of record-breaking vision” ~ Velcrow Ripper

An vielen Orten der Welt gibt es momentan Premieren des Films „Occupy Love“ von Velcrow Ripper, der mit $ 80.000 durch Crowdsourcing finanziert wurde. Er kann nun auf verschiedenen Wegen zu interessierten Zuschauern kommen: als DVD, digitalem Download (welcher zu kostenlosen Gemeinschafts-Vorführungen berechtigt), oder auch als Sofort-Livestream. Infos unter: http://occupylove.org/store/

Hier einiges aus einem Interview mit Velcrow Ripper anlässlich einer Pemiere in New York im Mai 2013:

Der Startpunkt von Occupy Wallstreet
„I am tired to being cynical.“

Occupy lebt!
„I am seeing so many people rising up. The Occupy was fantastic, is fantastic. … The thing the mainstream media does not do is connect the dots. It sees things in insolation, it only things in term of the spectacle. We can’t be doing spectacles all the time. They’re fun, they’re important, and they make us feel good. But in between there is a lot of hard work, and community building, and all that kind of stuff that is not so flashy, which is part of changing the world, but which is actually even more important. The Cicil Rights movement didn’t take place in a year or two, it took a long long time. All of the great movements of time take a long time. We’re not thinking in terms about quarterly profits like cooperations, we think in the long how we make this world a better place.“

Über „Compassion in Action“
„We are really obsessed with the head in our culture, …we forget about the heart. … I think they are both important. We need to become integral, we need to become integrated and whole, bring those together. That’s why I say „spiritual activism“, doing and being, „love in action“. Both things together, that’s what gonna change the world.“

Was kann jeder beitragen?
„There is so many ways to change the world. … I feel the most important thing you can do, is find out what your gift is, unwrap it, bring it out into the world, and figure out how that can align with being of service to your community and the planet. Bring those two things together: your gift and the needs of the planet. Bring those together you have a deep source of meaning that’s gonna propel you and make the difference. I thing everyone of us has something to offer, and is unique to each person, and so bring your gift out, let it shine and make the world a better place.“




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